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Individual Coiunselling

Individual counselling helps support you whilst you are trying to work through a particular issue which may be relational. This could be a challenge with a parent, sibling, partner or child.

Couple Counselling

Couples can find many challenges in their relationship. From affairs, poor communication, difficulty talking about sex or difference of opinions on parenting.

Family Counselling

Family counselling recognises that sometimes how families behave in a group may not always work well for everyone. Whether it is issues within the immediate family or issues between siblings or with in-laws, family counselling can help everyone take a fresh look at the root causes and find a way forward for everyone.

Family Support

Family support is different from counselling as here we work on providing more direct advice to handle the many challenges that a parent faces when navigating between coping with young children to passes over more responsibility during the teenage years.


Increasingly businesses are being forced to re-evaluate the old adage that people should leave their problems at home. Employees often have a challenge in compartmentalising work and personal life which just leads to additional stress. Furthermore relational issues often permeate the workplace where people’s ability to work on building positive relationships will have a major impact on morale and ultimately the bottom line.