Business Coaching

“A good Coach asks great questions to help you remove the obstacles in your mind and to get you back on track in life” ― Farshad Asl

The blend of skills I have, having both a MBA and therapy MA, enables me to help with business challenges involving strategic issues and relationship dynamicss. My experience in business was that it was often personal relationships that got in the way of successful implementation or poor line manager relationships prevented the unleashing of the talent that existed within a team. Often business professionals feel it is too “touchy feely” to discuss relationships and feelings and fail to see the connection between these things and performance.

I can work with you on an individual or team basis to help explore and improve relationships within your team and encourage a more open and frank exchange of views to ensure teams are working towards peak effectiveness.

Need some support?

If you or you team could do with a boost – I may be able to help.

As your coach I will:

    • offer a safe, confidential space for you to explore the challenges you face
    • give you the time to talk openly and honestly in a way you may feel you can’t within your company
    • explore the business options open to you
    • accept you and your situation without judging you
    • help you make the changes you want to
    • support you to improve your performance


As your coach I will not:

    • judge you or your performance
    • tell you what to do or make decisions for you
    • ignore your feelings and just look for solutions
    • tell other people what we have discussed without your agreement
    • talk to anyone else within your company without your permission
    • use any business knowledge gained for personal benefit