Couple Counselling

“Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others– it only changes yours.”  ― Shannon L. Alder,

Relationships naturally go through periods of ups and downs but sometimes either the relationship is rocked by events or has over time got into a rut. At that point relationship therapy can help support you both to address the challenges you face and work with you to help the relationship move forward. Work in therapy can be highly varied from helping you communicate better, understand the impact of your upbringing, to dealing with the aftermath of an affair

As with individual counselling your therapist will not judge you or your situation and will ensure that both sides are listened to and understood. This is time for you both  to look at the changes you want to make and to be able to explore in confidence what options you may have.

Need some support?

If your relationship needs support, relationship therapy can be really beneficial. I have experience of helping with a wide range of relationship challenges.

As your therapist I will:

    • offer a safe, confidential space for you to explore your situation
    • give due regard to both parties and listen to both perspectives.
    • help you communicate in a way that minimises arguments and enables you both to focus on resolving the issue
    • accept you and your situation without judging  either of you
    • work with you without any specific agenda to help you decide how you want to shape your future relationship
    • support you in how to talk to children should you decide to break up

As your therapist I will not:

    • judge you or your situation
    • takes sides or decide who is right or wrong
    • allow unhealthy relationship behaviours during sessions
    • tell other people what we have discussed without your agreement
    • tell you to stay in or leave a relationship
    • referee your arguments