Family Counselling

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

Families can be a great source of joy and strength but sometimes events conspire to create rifts which can be difficult to heal. Parents can disagree on how to parent their children, siblings can fall out over perceived family slights or parents can become too involved in their grown-up children’s lives. Family therapy helps to look at such situations from different perspectives and help everyone understand the impact on those involved.

In family sessions everyone has their say including children old enough to express their feelings (normally 5+) and everyone’s views are listened to and respected. Through the sessions everyone will be given the opportunity to talk about their perspective but also to hear and understand the story of others. Through calm and open discussion, the therapist can help open up new possibilities and identify potential ways forward.

Need some support?

If your family is facing challenges that you need help with – I may be able to help.

As your family therapist I will:

    • offer a safe, confidential space for everyone to explore your situation
    • encourage all involved to talk openly and honestly
    • respect the views expressed by all involved
    • accept you and your situation without judging you
    • support your family to make the changes that everyone can agree with
    • support you to improve your wellbeing


As your family therapist I will not:

    • judge you or your situation
    • favour any one particular person’s view
    • ignore your feelings and just look for solutions
    • tell other people what we have discussed without your agreement
    • condone any inappropriate behaviour
    • take advantage of you or the situation you are in